Richmond Therapy - Case Study: Branding + Growth


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Catherine Turner came to us with the goal of launching and growing her therapy practice. Her primary focus was in the following services: Addiction Counseling, Anger Management, Anxiety Treatment, Communication Skills, Couples Therapy, Depression Treatment, Faith-Based Counseling, Grief and Loss Counseling, and Trauma and Abuse Counseling. We were able to put together branding, a website, and a maps campaign that allowed her to grow to new heights.

"The branding, logo, business cards, and website are all so concise. I feel like part of what you did for my practice was bring it all together into a clear package. There’s no mistaking what I do - people just get it and I love that.”

Richmond Therapy was just opening. Their goal was to grow their practice in a city that had 600+ other practitioners. 

As with any new company, there are obstacles to overcome. With a new name, no matter how good, there is no name recognition. With a new location, you want to be central to your target market. With a new website, you want to drive traffic to it. 

Our goal was for the branding to invoke trust while the website informed and educated visitors. Therapist's roles are at the least dual-facing, with some practitioners speaking to clients as well as their family members at various points during their treatment. Sometimes it is a concerned family member that reaches out for clarity on a treatment modality or to offer their "briefing" of what they think is going on before a client even starts. The content on the site was written in a way to appeal to both prospective patients and their loved ones. 

We went with smooth branding that reflects internal tranquility, an easy-to-navigate website, and content written in a manner to explain mental health services in an inviting and informative manner while giving the practice an SEO boost.

Our go-to Maps Optimization allowed Richmond Therapy to pop into the map pack and fill her schedule with ease.

"I got so full that even before COVID I was on a not-at-all or limited basis, only taking referrals from word-of-mouth or trusted colleagues.”

Richmond Therapy was able to exceed their goals of simply growing their practice. They were able to fill their schedule with consistent patients, reduce their no-shows, and are currently not accepting any new patients due to being fully booked. 

We'll take that as a win :)

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