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VCAM opened their doors in 2016. The two founders, Dr. Thompson, and the late, great, Dr. Master, had a unique vision - they wanted to revolutionize addiction treatment by making it accessible to anyone that wanted help. The stigma surrounding addiction had not been cracked yet, and it was still taboo to discuss getting help for mental health, let alone addiction. What started off as two practitioners and a few dozen patients grew into the largest addiction treatment center in Virginia. Take a look at how we helped VCAM flourish.

VCAM had an aggressive goal to grow and capture market share in a highly competitive city. They came to us with a vision of accessibility and treating addiction with compassion & science.

We were able to generate over 1000 patients from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google My Business (Maps) Optimization while delivering an ROI of 1,806% on their marketing budget.

Check out how we built the foundation and over-delivered below.

The Opioid Epidemic was accelerating as VCAM was opening its doors with annual overdoses and deaths climbing every year. Addiction, and mental health, had been taboo topics in America for far too long, with families being hesitant to discuss the issues within their own households, let alone their friends and neighbors. 

A mutli-pronged marketing approach built around a strong web presence and easily navigable site design allowing users to flow into the site, be informed and inquire with the company via contact form submission or phone call. 

We went with a clean modern look with flowing lines for the logo with a simple but elegant typography. Blue elements symbolize confidence, stability, and trust. 

The website for VCAM was designed and then analyzed with heatmap and tracking software to determine the best positioning of elements on the page. Through trial and error, we determined the primary services people wanted more information on as well as the information they wanted to know before picking up the phone or filling out a contact form. What evolved was the home page below. By identifying five of their most popular services, showing an introductory video about their approach to treating addiction, as well explaining a simple four-step process that prospective patients could expect, we were able to turn this website into a patient generating machine. 

The homepage below has been converted to greyscale for dramatic effect in this case study, the key elements that help convert site visitors have kept their original colors. The fact is, people scan in a "Z" pattern, we aim to position key elements through our sites in line with our natural tendencies... we go with the flow if you will.

We recommended utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google My Business (GMB) aka Maps Optimization to help the client attract the most prospects while staying within their budget. This approach has yielded fantastic results for various treatment centers we have worked with since this campaign initially started - VCAM was the project that allowed us to prove the proof of concept.

We were able to launch into the top search results across our target market within three months despite being located outside of the city we were trying to rank in. In addition to that our search results had us ranking above the Vivitrol drug manufacturer for over a year.

By dominating SEO & GMB rankings we were able to secure a steady stream of prospective patients to The Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine helping them to grow to be the largest addiction treatment center in Virginia.

We could show you a bunch of dull charts here and say we helped increase website visits, but we'll spare you the charts... At the end of the day does any of that matter unless inquiries convert to patients?

Here are the facts... 
  • Over 1000 New Patients generated from SEO/GMB
  • ROI on Marketing Budget =  1,806%
  • Annualized ROI = 158%

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